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Restaurace Brno
Dobrovského 29, Brno - Královo Pole
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 11:30-23:30

Mexickou restauraci nahradila špičková Grill & Pasta restaurace Butchers. Připraveno je pro Vás denní menu, večerní výhodné menu a dětské menu. Pokud chcete zažít opravdový požitek z jídla, rozhodně by Vám tento podnik neměl v seznamu chybět.


Butchers Grill & Pasta - hodnocení a recenze

Byly jste v restauraci spokojeni? A pokud ne, proč? Podělte se s ostatními o své zkušenosti. Děkujeme za každý Váš názor.
Byl jsem tady poprvé A pravděpodobně naposled Jídlo neodpovídalo spálené hranolky okoralá zelenina Horší průměr

Sára N.
Delicious stake and brownies.

Olga T.
Vyborna zebirka!

Pa TRik M.
Fkin perfect steak

Barbora M.
Best burgers ever! Great service and very fancy place.

Tina v.
Awesome steaks, beautiful interior and kund staff. Everything perfect.

Lucie H.
Amazing, amazing food (had a tuna steak with grilled vegetable). The staff was very friendly and was able to recommend wine and side dish.

Alexandr O.
Great ribs and beetroot appetizer. The calamari were little bit gummy. Amazing service we had.

Darya P.
Appetizers were the best! Also cocktails and good choice of wine 😍 we didn't like zebra so much as we make them at home, but everything else is just TOP!

The Thai noodle salad was disappointing, too much salad and very little beef. The tiramisu was delicious!

Renata P.
I've taken the prawns and fish and it was delicious. Also the interior is very nice. Fast service.

Michaela H.
Had Filet steak with mushroom sauce and grilled vegetable and it was really tasty! Their brownie is a great choice as well. Expensive but friendly.

Olga B.
Great french fries and amazing tiramisu!

Peter B.
great service and awesome steak

Petr D.
Really nice (expensive) place, with great food and kind staff. Pork ribs are really great, and brownies are awesome. They let us wait in the end of our visit, but otherwise great experience ☺

Daniel K.
Happy birthday to meat !

wanda j.
Lovely service great food. Will be coming again soon. Wine was excellent. The was great. It has a really nice personality to it.

Languague C.
Great food and service. Selected staff members speak English.

Ty T.
Great interior & lovely staff, but the meat.. Oh, the meat. ❤️

Tereza P.
Best meals in Brno. High quality meat, very polite staff and amazing atmosphere. Totally recommend!😊

Radoslav H.
They know what they are doing steak-wise. New York strip is very intense and juicy, go get it if you have 30€ to spare.

Monika Z.
Delicious food, nice staff, great drinks...have nothing to say against it.

Konstantinos T.
The whole menu is world class.I don't know if locals realize how lucky they are to have a restaurant like that in the area

Jakub J.
Velkáááá jídla / Huuuuuge meals

Hermes V.
Great steaks and the staff is friendly. Let's wait and see if the tiramisu is also great

Marek C.
Excellent miniburgers, highly recommended!

Nick C.
I think the locals dont appreciate the fact that they have a world class restaurant in the city.The service is excellent and very polite,and the food is out of this world.Deserves every crown of yours

Marián J.
Stuff was very polite, nice interior. Burger was Ok, could be better thought.

Evrope C.
Amazing place, very polite staff, great food 👍

Jana K.
My favourite rastaurant in Brno!!!

Radek S.
After few positive experiences this was a bit disapointing one. Avoid schrimps as a starter (expensive gastroporno). Main courses were on good level (steak). Service a bit clumsy. Low value for money.