Restaurace v Brně

Café Falk Brno

Restaurace Brno
Gorkého 12, Brno
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 07:30-24:00
So-Ne 12:00-24:00

Čas na kávu! Zastavte se na chvíli a poseďte u šálku kvalitní kávy.
  • - stylová kavárnička
  • - kuřácký a nekuřácký koutek
  • - denně noviny
  • - free wifi


Café Falk - hodnocení a recenze

Byly jste v restauraci spokojeni? A pokud ne, proč? Podělte se s ostatními o své zkušenosti. Děkujeme za každý Váš názor.
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Filip O.
There must be a time machine somewhere behind the counter.

Peta A.
Pamatuje lepsie casy. Dnes objednate, zajtra dodaju. Mozno. / Better times was...

Mia M.
Delicious Yogi masala tea! Highly recommend 💛

Use to be great atmosphere, but a good cleaning would help now....

Dóri K.
Try the pumpkinspice latte!

Viktoria L.
Atmosphere is great and the interior really nice, however staff is really slow, often bring you mixed up order and they are quite rude if you remind them.

Great place for relaxing or studying, service is a bit slow, so don't be rushed, perfect to read a book. I really like the style, chairs, tables, a bit dark, which is giving a particular style.

Lukáš M.
Wi-Fi heslo: mokaefti

Barbora .
Password: mokaefti

Jan S.
It's that bohemian atmosphere, that you either have to love, or hate. Give it a chance!

Neptune M.
very nice interior! staff is friendly, but the service is a bit slow

The place is beautiful, but the service is quite bad :( We waited for ages to get a sandwich and without asking, they brought us something else.

Hermes V.
Very slow service.

Radoslav H.
They seem to never have beer Sundays...

Francesco P.
Few words to add to the comments below. A place I used to like, screwed up by its staff. 50 minutes for wrong orders, poor sandwhiches and no apologies. They even seemed laughing at us.

Tereza .
They might have tasty coffee. But we were waiting for an hour for just juice and limonade and they brought it wrong. Absolutely terrible. The worst service ever.

Nela Z.
Falk is not what it used to be, but still worth your visit. Don't forget to try the sandwich with gorgonzola and pear!

Шурочка .
homemade lemonade here in summer is just delicious

Martin M.
Great croissants and the best interior ever. Awesome place for brealfast.

Jurko K.
Really interesting and controversal place. Great atmosphere but poor staff. However, maybe that's the part of the magic of this place...very tasty cakes :)

Psoy L.
Nice and cozy place. Especially if you got lucky with the staff, which sometimes is ok, but quite often servers are unmotivated hipsters who have no basic skills whatsoever.

Nina K.
Salty chocolate tart

Super lemonades

Jakub K.
More of a hipster bar than cafe. I like the decor but it really needs a whiff of fresh air. Open the window, please

Jiri B.
Leffe <3 to chces

Lucie .
The worst service in the history of mankind...(or at least in the history of Brno cafés). This place is just T R A G E D Y!

Magdalena M.
Relaxed atmosphere and great choice of drinks

Honza P.
Mají láhvový cider Magners

Irini P.
Bozi michane nealkoo drinky! Cooliflower :)

Pavel .
Nejvic hip servirky v Brne.