Restaurace v Brně

Cafe Podnebi Brno

Restaurace Brno
Údolní 5, Brno
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-24:00
So-Ne 09:00-24:00


Cafe Podnebi - hodnocení a recenze

Byly jste v restauraci spokojeni? A pokud ne, proč? Podělte se s ostatními o své zkušenosti. Děkujeme za každý Váš názor.
Jacob T.
Very good & cheap breakfasts

Daniel .
My most favorite cafe place in Brno. Excellent food, cafe, wine and beer

Hamid M.
Beautiful garden.

Marké T.
Perfect garden especially in this hot summer. Yummy sandwich for lunch. Today fast and lovely service.

Jo P.
Great little cafe, yummy cheap breakfast.

Richard N.
Good breakfast in shaded garden. Not cheap

Nicholas D.
Staff isn’t really the best, BLT is still nice. But if you want to order, even if you’re literally the only person in the room, 9 times outta 10 you probably won’t get them to come to u

Nicholas D.
my buddies and I come here like at least 3-4 times a week. It’s one of our favorite spots and the BLT is amazing. But, sometimes the service isn’t too fantastic. I guess it depends on who’s working.

Roman 0.
Caffé for students, low service, beautifull garden, but many smokers arround.

Good services and nice ambience

Alena N.
Classic students café. Great panini, beautiful garden. Staff is sometimes nice, sometimes not. Espresso isn't so good.

Mia M.
This was DELICIOUS #vegetarian

There's no English menu but the waitress was really friendly and happy to help translate

Hot chocolate is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Aneta P.
Bad wine but beatiful terace :)

Magdalena M.
I felt like walking into a fairytale when sitting in their garden. The good food being a bonus

Neptune M.
nothing special, really, but i like the vibe of this place. popular with students, i think. staff is very nice. :)

Darya P.
Hot chocolate - yummy, literally "podnebi"

Viktoria L.
Coffee is ok, garden is beautiful, food used to be better.

Nice café close to te Castle, with some trad food to try : chléb s tvaruzkem or bread with strong smelling cheese ;) There is a terrace, but cold in winter

Aleksandra K.
Hot chocolate was great!

Most beautiful garden in Brno. Great for romantic evenings or for refreshing beers with friends during the summer :)

Elja N.
Tea with mint

Nela Z.
The interior is nothing special but the garden is just incredible! Best choice for a cosy summer evening with a glas of wine.

Lisa-Marie H.
Good vegetarian lunch. Cozy kavarna.

Daniel C.
Nadherne venkovni sezeni. K veceru spis hospoda nez kavarna.

David K.
Kyselica za necelych 40kč stoji za to, kava Illy je zarukou uspechu.

Great place ONLY for coffee.Human beings aren't cows to eat raw food, you really have to understand that.Horrible food,don't try it

Andrea B.
Najlepsia zahradka v Brne

Tomáš K.
Friendly students' café Witherspoon fine coffee.